Penetration Testing

Just one of a range of measures testing your security, to thwart cyber crime.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing aims to evaluate the cyber risk to an IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit a system’s weaknesses. Our in-depth scanning process and methodology is one of the essential high-end security solutions we provide to fully protect your network from attack.

Cyber crime attacks of catastrophic global proportions continue to mount a relentless assault against unsecured websites and applications. Today, an estimated 9 records are hacked into every second, according to a Verizon study of security breaches. Can you be sure that your system has not been compromised?

The primary goal is to probe and find network security vulnerabilities in specific target areas within your system by:

Our advanced technology outwits those that try to use the same, to infiltrate yours.

System susceptibility forms a core part of our extensive ethical hacking service. Designed to keep you and your information safe, and online criminal activity at bay.  It also helps to meet the requirements of UK Government Departments, MoD and NHS when bidding for contracts.

For maximum information security we put your entire computer network to the test.  Our penetration testing scrutinises places you don’t want cyber criminals to get to.

Our Penetration Testing Process

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