Cloud Storage

Cloud storage vs hybrid options: the pros and cons

Every business needs a safe, secure and affordable way to store and back-up their computer files and software. The more efficient an organisation’s backup systems are, the more effective and reliable they will be, so it is important to look at all the options available before choosing a backup solution.

There are two main ways that modern organisations backup their data: in the cloud, or in a hybrid set-up with cloud-based backup combined with local physical backup. Automating the process is far more reliable than expecting staff to manually back up their data on an ongoing basis, so consider how the options you are interested in will work on a day-to-day basis.

In this post, we will take a look at the two options – cloud backup vs hybrid backup solutions – and the pros and cons of each.

‘The cloud’ has progressed from being something ethereal that techies used to talk about, to being something that most internet users are familiar with in one way or another. Whether it’s downloading files from Dropbox or sharing photos via Google Drive, the prospect of storing files online is now something we are used to and have begun to trust.

Organisations can look for cloud backup solutions that integrate with the operating system they use in order to automatically back up every relevant file and folder on the computer. Choosing a cloud storage provider that is reliable and secure is absolutely essential for any organisation. Many will produce replicas of the user’s hard drive so everything is easy to find and well organised, should it need to be accessed or restored.

However, while backing up to the cloud is easy and intuitive, it can also be slow, depending on the broadband speed and available bandwidth; organisations that would be backing up a lot of data on a regular basis could find that this monopolises their internet connection and becomes unwieldy to manage.

For companies with a lot of data to backup, or those that want the added security of an extra layer in their backup process, a hybrid backup option could be preferable to cloud-only systems.

Hybrid backup solutions have a local backup system that synchronises with a cloud backup in the background. You can set it up so that your computer backs up to the local drive, which in turn backs up to the cloud, or you can upload directly to the cloud from your computers, while simultaneously backing up to the local drive.

As well as offering double backing up of files on both the local drive and the cloud storage drives, people using hybrid backup systems find that data is easier and quicker to restore from the local unit, making dealing with a data-loss crisis that little bit less stressful.

Deciding on the right option for you

Choosing a backup solution is a decision that must be taken seriously by any organisation that values its data and the smooth running of its operations. While cloud backup is often the cheaper option, considering a hybrid solution allows for improved security and a more streamlined service should something go wrong, with information needing to be restored.

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