Recovering your Website after Being Hacked

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Recovering your Website after Being Hacked Every business should be doing everything it reasonably can to prevent its website from being hacked. But you also need to have at least a basic plan in place for what you are going to do if the worst does happen. Here are some tips to start [...]

Do you know who’s been reading your email?

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Do you know who’s been reading your email? Recently, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about the fact that third-party app developers could gain access to your Gmail without you necessarily understanding the fact that you had authorised them to do so. The article was picked up by other news sources and [...]

Small business marketing tools

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Small business marketing tools Getting people to notice you is possibly the single biggest challenge faced by small businesses and it’s fundamental since nobody is going to buy anything from you, be it goods or services, unless they know you exist and believe you can provide a solution to whatever problem it is they [...]

Do start-ups need outsourced IT support?

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Do start-ups need outsourced IT support? As anyone who’s done it will know, starting a business isn’t necessarily easy, in fact, there’s a lot to think about, a lot to do and a lot to budget for. This means that many people starting a business may be asking themselves, quite reasonably, whether or not [...]

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook

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Cambridge Analytica and Facebook: is your data safe? Cambridge Analytica has made what was probably a rather unwelcome transition from being a niche player to being one of the most (in)famous brand names around. Facebook, meanwhile, has long been controversial from a data protection/privacy perspective and, while some of the stories circulating the [...]

GDPR and Google Ads

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GDPR and Google Ads GDPR comes into force in about 4 weeks and, in theory, by this point, businesses large and small should all be ready for it, or at least very close to ready. In practice, there are probably quite a few businesses, particularly small ones, that are really nowhere near ready and [...]

Cloud storage and the question of back-ups

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Cloud storage and the question of back-ups Cloud storage site Megaupload was one of the success stories of the internet. It was one of the top fifteen most popular sites online and was believed to be responsible for about 4% of all internet traffic. Then it went out of business, without warning, as a [...]

GDPR: the role of the Data Protection Officer

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GDPR: the role of the Data Protection Officer Under GDPR, all public authorities must appoint Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and all private organisations must appoint DPOs if they either undertake large-scale and systematic monitoring of data subjects or undertake extensive processing of sensitive data. All private organisations means exactly that. Even if you are [...]

Charities are a ‘soft touch’ in cyber security terms

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Charities are a ‘soft touch’ in cyber security terms Research was carried out earlier this year to identify issues with cyber security within third sector, or charity, organisations. 30 in-depth interviews were carried out to establish attitudes towards cyber security, awareness of relevant issues, approaches to cyber security and the charities’ perceptions and experiences [...]