Why loyalty matters

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The Pandemic: Why Customer Loyalty Matters Lockdown felt like a disaster for many people and businesses, so maintaining customer loyalty mattered even more. People were forced to stay at home, non-essential shops closed, and people feared for their livelihood. It is easy to understand why this resulted in a degree of pessimism within [...]

Net Promoter Score Software for SMEs

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Net Promoter Score Software for SMEs As a small and medium-sized enterprise, any feedback you can seek from your customer is gold dust. It is the means of improving your offering based on customer experience, and the comments can also be used as testimonials for use in marketing. But how can you seek [...]

Online security when videoconferencing

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Online security when videoconferencing Right now, video conferencing is the new “office meeting room”. The word ‘Zoom’ has entered our vocabulary and everybody is getting the hang of video meetings for both social and professional purposes. There are all kinds of advantages to this but there are, however, also some security points to [...]

MS Teams v Slack: let the war of words begin

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MS Teams v Slack: let the war of words begin It was really only ever going to be a matter of time, and the market may need to prove that it is big enough for MS Team and Slack. Slack may be willing to share (or have very little alternative) but Microsoft has never [...]

MS Teams Vs Slack

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MS Teams Vs Slack Some of the tech giants have built their businesses on seeing where small companies succeed and then either making them an offer they can’t refuse or launching their own competitor product. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes both products find their own little niche. For example, even [...]

Small business tech: what are the costs?

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Small business tech: what are the costs? When buying new technology, the headline price alone can be quite misleading. There may be budget options that really can save you money, but if you find yourself having to pay extra for “add-ons” that are actually essential, then you might wind up spending more than [...]

How to undertaken an IT audit – and why you should

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I.T. Audit – How to undertaken one An I.T. Audit is crucial these days, as organisations of all shapes, sizes and industry sectors have come to depend on their I.T. systems.  For practical purposes, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a solopreneur, SME, multinational corporation or a local charity, the fact still remains [...]

Can Facial Recognition Technology Save the Planet?

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Can Facial Recognition Technology Save the Planet? Facial recognition technology is something of a controversial topic. On the one hand, it has the potential to solve crimes and produce innovative change for business. On the other, it attracts headlines as it is far from perfect, technologically, it needs more work, and the privacy implications [...]

Facial recognition software: security tool or security threat?

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Facial recognition software: security tool or security threat? Facial recognition technology has been around for years, but it’s only been relatively recently that it’s really started to move into the mainstream and it’s undeniably exciting the first time your phone logs you in just by looking at you. But while the tech industry’s [...]

How external IT Support make it easier for SMEs to manage change

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How External IT Support Make Managing Change Easier for SME's When an SME hires an external IT Support company, they may expect that they will troubleshoot computer crashes and deal with emergencies.  The potential of an external IT company is often underestimated.  How they make managing change easier for SME's is one area [...]

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