Using video to boost social media engagement

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Using video to boost social media engagement Online videos may have started as a bit of a quirky gimmick, but they are now firmly established as one of the cornerstones of social media and using them well can really boost engagement with your brand. As with most aspects of social media, there are some [...]

Boosting your customer list with online competitions

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Boosting your customer list with online competitions Online competitions can be a very cost-effective way for small companies to boost their customer lists. In principle, they are very simple to run, but in practice, there are some key points you should always remember before you launch one. Decide on your channel before you do [...]

Google+ has a data breach that could lead to its downfall

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Google+ has a data breach that could lead to its downfall Contrary to popular belief, not everything Google touches turns to gold, Google+, for example, has long struggled – outside of a very niche audience – and it’s an open question as to why Google has kept the service alive for so long, [...]

Don’t get ‘cyber-mugged’ on holiday this summer

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Don't get 'cyber-mugged' on holiday this summer At this time of year, it’s all about going away on holiday and having the time of our lives. These days, our phones and other devices are integral to our vacation experience, whether that’s Instagramming pics of the local architecture or checking Twitter on the beach. We [...]

Small business networking tools

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Small business networking tools While we may all know that the most powerful connections are forged in person, this is 2018 and that means that many of us will be doing a lot of our networking online. In fact, businesses on lower budgets may do all of their networking online. That being so, here [...]

Integrated business planning

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Integrated business planning The move towards greater integration in business has been one of the key trends of the 21st century. While companies do tend to be divided into departments that reflect specific areas of expertise, these areas increasingly have the nature of “centres of excellence” rather than self-contained business silos. There is a [...]