When Windows 10 cracks

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When Windows 10 cracks There are all kinds of ways in which the Windows 10 operating system represents an interesting departure from Microsoft’s past, but perhaps the most obvious is in the upgrade system. While Microsoft’s core base of enterprise users continues to have a significant degree of control over which updates they [...]

How to get rid of a computer virus

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How to get rid of a computer virus Picture the scene: you’re slowly sipping your morning coffee, letting the caffeine percolate as you wind yourself up to deal with the day’s work ahead of you. Then, your phone rings. It’s your tech support guy. You take the call and his first words are: [...]

Cybersecurity spring cleaning you should do

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Cybersecurity spring cleaning you should do Even though it really doesn’t look like it right now, it is, technically at least, spring. As everyone knows, then, that means it’s time for some annual deep cleaning. It’s good practice to extend your spring cleaning to your digital devices and, this year, there’s an extra [...]

Beware the boot bug

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Beware the boot bug For years, Mac users have pointed to the vast quantities of malware targeted at PCs as evidence of why Macs are worth their price premium and, it has to be admitted that they have long had a point. While some might point to the fact that Windows PC are [...]