How remote working affects towns and cities

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Remote Working : How it affects towns and cities Remote working (Working from home) has been the norm for many employees and businesses during lockdown. It sounds idyllic – and it can be – but there are problems with remote working too - "the intentional & unintentional consequences" Remote working, if at all [...]

What’s new in Dropbox for your teams?

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What’s new in Dropbox for your teams? Dropbox has long been working on improving its tools not just for remote working, but also for remote collaboration. As a tool that can be effectively utilised by teams, your business can take advantage of its new features for more efficient working. Showcase Showcase had [...]

Tech Support : How to avoid Fake IT Support Companies

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tech support - How to avoid fake IT Support Companies The internet age has made it possible for people to keep in touch with their nearest and dearest wherever they are in the world and businesses and tech support teams to work globally.  At the same time, it has also made it possible [...]

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