Everything SMEs need to know about POS systems

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Everything SMEs need to know about POS systems As consumers increasingly pay by swiping their cards or by Android or Apple Pay, the days of taking cash only are long gone for the vast majority of businesses. Even people who do crafts at home and sell them at craft fayres are starting to invest [...]

Blockchain for the food chain

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Blockchain for the food chain Back in 2013, the UK public discovered that some of the ‘beef’ they had been eating was, in fact, horse meat. The resulting scandal highlighted just how hard it was to keep track of meat, or any other type of food, as it moved from farm to fork [...]

Small business billing tools

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Small business billing tools While many small- and medium-sized businesses want to bootstrap and pay the least amount possible for the tools they use, there is definitely an argument that investing in billing tools will save you time and money in the long term. So, if you’re all tied up in a huge spreadsheet [...]