How to choose the best domain name for your small business

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How to choose the best domain name for your small business If you’re starting a small business, then choosing a domain name can be a lot like choosing a name for a new baby - with the added complication that it has to be unique. We strongly recommend choosing (and securing) your domain [...]

Direct mail vs email marketing for SMEs

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Direct mail vs email marketing for SMEs Every time a new invention comes along, someone invariably predicts the demise of the old one. Sometimes they are right, for example, you don't tend to see many VHS recorders these days, but sometimes they are very wrong and either the new invention flops (Minidiscs, anyone?) [...]

Direct marketing and GDPR

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Direct marketing and GDPR Despite GDPR having been a reality for about a month now, there are probably a number of businesses, particularly small ones, that are still getting to grips with what GDPR means in practice, especially with regard to direct marketing, so here is a brief guide to what you need [...]

Microtargeting for marketers

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Microtargeting for marketers The word “microtargeting” has acquired rather sinister connotations of late, thanks to the political scandal from which Facebook is currently working to extract itself. Like many scandals, however, the issue is not actually the approach itself, but how it was used. So, as well as targeting potential voters with political [...]

Small business marketing tools

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Small business marketing tools Getting people to notice you is possibly the single biggest challenge faced by small businesses and it’s fundamental since nobody is going to buy anything from you, be it goods or services, unless they know you exist and believe you can provide a solution to whatever problem it is they [...]

B2B communications and GDPR

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B2B communications and GDPR GDPR is, fundamentally, all about the protection of personal data; basically it’s about an individual’s right to privacy. As such, most of the literature around it has tended to focus on what businesses need to do to protect customer data and to ensure that all marketing communications are compliant [...]