Facebook’s use of phone numbers rings alarm bells

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Facebook's use of phone numbers rings alarm bells As companies increasingly try to persuade their customers to use two-factor authentication for added security when they log into their accounts, some people are anxious about providing their phone number in case it is misused or divulged to the wrong people. Facebook, when it launched [...]

The ICO and the impact of GDPR

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The ICO and the impact of GDPR The end of November 2018 marks the 6-month anniversary of GDPR and, while 6 months is a fairly short period of time, it is enough to start to get an idea of what sort of impact GDPR is having and how the ICO is managing it. Here [...]

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook

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Cambridge Analytica and Facebook: is your data safe? Cambridge Analytica has made what was probably a rather unwelcome transition from being a niche player to being one of the most (in)famous brand names around. Facebook, meanwhile, has long been controversial from a data protection/privacy perspective and, while some of the stories circulating the [...]