Dealing with a cryptocurrency crash

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Dealing with a cryptocurrency crash Under other circumstances, the ongoing saga relating to the death of Gerald Cotten would probably be generating massive amounts of media coverage. Right now, however, there is so much else going on in the world that it appears to have been largely been relegated to the backburner, at least [...]

What we can expect from Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency

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What we can expect from Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency Given that money and the concept of security go pretty much hand-in-hand, it’s hardly a surprise that eyebrows were raised when Facebook, of all companies, announced its intention to create a new cryptocurrency, which it has called Libra. Officially, the reason behind this new currency [...]

How healthcare can use blockchain to streamline services

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How healthcare can use blockchain to streamline services Although blockchain technology first came to mainstream public attention through its connection with cryptocurrency Bitcoin, as time has passed, it has become increasingly obvious that it has numerous potential (and now actual) uses outside of this area. In fact, there is now extensive speculation that the [...]

Blockchain for the food chain

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Blockchain for the food chain Back in 2013, the UK public discovered that some of the ‘beef’ they had been eating was, in fact, horse meat. The resulting scandal highlighted just how hard it was to keep track of meat, or any other type of food, as it moved from farm to fork [...]

Cryptocurrency, non-profits and microdonations

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Cryptocurrency, non-profits and microdonations First, there was cash, then there was a digital currency, now there is cryptocurrency, and that could be exciting news for non-profit organisations when it comes to fundraising. We have already looked at how this might work, from a consumer point of view, so now we’re going to look [...]

Protecting your cryptocurrency investments

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Protecting your cryptocurrency investments Cryptocurrencies are unfortunately not immune from theft, as was recently demonstrated when cyberthieves stole about £28M of cryptocurrency from the South Korean exchange, Coinrail. The price of Bitcoin plummeted in response, and it has left people asking what they can do to secure their cryptocurrency investments. Many cryptocurrencies operate outside [...]

From coin jars to Bitcoin: the new world of charity fundraising

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From coin jars to Bitcoin: the new world of charity fundraising In some shops, there are still a few collection jars about the place, in the same way as you’ll probably still find some working fax machines and people using cheque books. But, these days, there are fewer and fewer of them and it’s [...]

Blockchain for business

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Blockchain for business Say the word “blockchain” the first thing that springs to mind is likely to be Bitcoin. The crypto currency is bursting with popularity and many are awaiting its seemingly inevitable crash, so concerns about the nature (and use) of Bitcoin might make companies very wary of the technology that underpins [...]