Boosting your customer list with online competitions

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Boosting your customer list with online competitions Online competitions can be a very cost-effective way for small companies to boost their customer lists. In principle, they are very simple to run, but in practice, there are some key points you should always remember before you launch one. Decide on your channel before you do [...]

Man versus the machine

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Man versus the machine Artificial intelligence (AI) has long since stopped being the stuff of science fiction and is now a matter of everyday life. While the tech giants do their best to persuade people that their various assistants are utterly indispensable, automated checkouts in supermarkets take queues away from staffed tills – to [...]

Disaster recovery and business continuity for small businesses

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Disaster recovery and business continuity for small businesses Disaster recovery and business continuity are two sides of the same coin. Disaster recovery gets you up and running again as quickly as possible after disaster strikes, while business continuity allows you to “keep calm and carry on” in a broader sense. It can include plans [...]

What’s new in Dropbox for your teams?

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What’s new in Dropbox for your teams? Dropbox has long been working on improving its tools not just for remote working, but also for remote collaboration. As a tool that can be effectively utilised by teams, your business can take advantage of its new features for more efficient working. Showcase Showcase had [...]

Microtargeting for marketers

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Microtargeting for marketers The word “microtargeting” has acquired rather sinister connotations of late, thanks to the political scandal from which Facebook is currently working to extract itself. Like many scandals, however, the issue is not actually the approach itself, but how it was used. So, as well as targeting potential voters with political [...]

Small business productivity tools

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Small business productivity tools Business owners and their employees are always keen to do more with less and work smarter not harder. The truth is that there’s a limit to how far either of these strategies will take you, as at some point you will need to increase your resources if you want to [...]

Small business marketing tools

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Small business marketing tools Getting people to notice you is possibly the single biggest challenge faced by small businesses and it’s fundamental since nobody is going to buy anything from you, be it goods or services, unless they know you exist and believe you can provide a solution to whatever problem it is they [...]

Small business networking tools

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Small business networking tools While we may all know that the most powerful connections are forged in person, this is 2018 and that means that many of us will be doing a lot of our networking online. In fact, businesses on lower budgets may do all of their networking online. That being so, here [...]

Do start-ups need outsourced IT support?

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Do start-ups need outsourced IT support? As anyone who’s done it will know, starting a business isn’t necessarily easy, in fact, there’s a lot to think about, a lot to do and a lot to budget for. This means that many people starting a business may be asking themselves, quite reasonably, whether or not [...]

Brexit and small businesses

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Brexit and small businesses: what is in store? Many small businesses are finding the lack of details and clear information about what Brexit has in store for them disconcerting because preparing for the considerable changes ahead is practically impossible without a clear roadmap ahead. However, there are steps that SMEs can take to [...]

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