Everything you need to know about full-fibre broadband

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Full Fibre Internet : Everything you need to know Everything is online these days, whether you’re filling in a form for the government, looking up a recipe or just chilling out with some popcorn-popping entertainment, chances are you’re doing it on fibre internet. From dial-up to Full Fibre Internet If you’re [...]

Does your business need two internet connections?

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You don’t need to have been in the Scouts to grasp the importance of living by the motto “be prepared”. In many cases, we incorporate the concept of preparation into our lives without thinking about it, such as preparing for power outages in the cold weather. The internet, however, can go down at any [...]

5G Mobile Internet – from the days of dial-up to the promise Mega Speeds

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5G Mobile Internet : from the days of dial-up to the promise of Mega speeds 5G Mobile Internet.  Those of a certain age will still remember the sound made by an old dial-up modem (along with the lengthy wait to download anything). The internet has come a long way since those days and [...]

VoIP : Make the Switch to Save Money and Increase Flexibility

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VoIP Phone Systems : Make the Switch to Save Money & Increase Flexibility VoIP system stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and this is a way to manage telephone calls over your fast internet connection rather than through a landline cable. You will probably be familiar with companies such as Skype that offer [...]

Cloud storage vs hybrid options: the pros and cons

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Cloud storage vs hybrid options: the pros and cons Every business needs a safe, secure and affordable way to store and back-up their computer files and software. The more efficient an organisation’s backup systems are, the more effective and reliable they will be, so it is important to look at all the options available [...]

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