AI and the issue of gender equality

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AI and the issue of gender equality Even though the phrase “Artificial Intelligence” can still sound futuristic, the reality, for the moment, is that it is actually quite mundane. In fact, AI, like most forms of technology, is really best at performing the sort of “autopilot” tasks that humans often prefer to avoid [...]

The relevance of Artificial Intelligence to SMEs

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The relevance of Artificial Intelligence to SMEs Even though there is a long way to go before artificial intelligence reaches the stage where androids could realistically impersonate humans, AI is now advanced enough to be a very useful business tool. In fact, it’s being deployed in all kinds of places, to the extent that [...]

Facial recognition software: security tool or security threat?

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Facial recognition software: security tool or security threat? Facial recognition technology has been around for years, but it’s only been relatively recently that it’s really started to move into the mainstream and it’s undeniably exciting the first time your phone logs you in just by looking at you. But while the tech industry’s [...]

Man versus the machine

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Man versus the machine Artificial intelligence (AI) has long since stopped being the stuff of science fiction and is now a matter of everyday life. While the tech giants do their best to persuade people that their various assistants are utterly indispensable, automated checkouts in supermarkets take queues away from staffed tills – to [...]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and managing your business’s finances

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Managing your Business’s Finances Finance may not be the reason why a business exists, but it certainly plays a key role in ensuring that businesses continue to exist. Because of this, creating financial systems that are user-friendly, effective and accurate is a great benefit to the smooth running of any [...]

Artificial intelligence and SMEs

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Artificial intelligence and SMEs When people say the words “artificial intelligence”, it probably conjures up thoughts of science fiction and questions about the difference between androids and humans. In the real world, however, artificial intelligence is still at a much lower level and could probably be more accurately described by the alternative term “machine [...]