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IT Support to fit your Small Business & Charity

We specialise in offering bespoke IT support packages for small businesses and charities in and around London.

If you are part of a small business, being ultra-effective and efficient by leveraging technology is sometimes the only way to level the playing field with larger companies.

We believe that your small business should benefit from the same quality IT systems and managed services that large organisations can and with the added benefit of being small and agile, you will not only be able to compete but, more often than not beat them at every turn.

That’s why at WeSeeNow we work with you to tailor high level IT systems and managed services backed by our dedicated small business IT support teams in London to meet your demands and exceed your expectations. Offering flexible, transparent and competitive IT support packages, whether you’re a sole trader or SME.

What IT Support Do We offer Small Business?

Servers, desktops, telephony, web-hosting cloud services and information Cyber Security, in fact we can help with all aspects of tech that drive your business.

  • WeSeeNow can maximise your IT Support budget with bespoke systems perfectly specified for your small business needs.
  • We’ll keep you ahead of the curve with technology focused on driving your business forward, helping you dodge tech fads and buzzwords that offer little return.
  • The right blend of IT system and managed support is essential to provide the best possible daily performance so you can concentrate on your business and exceed your customer’s expectations.
  • No matter whether you are a sole trader or SME, we believe that there should be a level playing field for all.
  • Looking forward and thinking ahead goes hand in hand with adapting to changing technology, which we ensure will be right for your specific needs as your business grows.
  • WeSeeNow provides you with the capability to stay ahead of the competition with the latest equipment and resources, and a superior level of people-focused business IT Support in London.
  • We offer a comprehensive range small business IT services with very local focus, we are based in London and are 100% focused on IT support for London’s small businesses.
  • WeSeeNow offers superior connectivity and integrated communications – from IT set up to full system management and support 24/7 – all great value for Small Business IT demands.
  • Today, customers expect to speak with businesses of any size via landline, mobile and internet. Your business should strive for maximum connectivity at all times, no matter what channel or device your customers use.
  • We enable ‘communication convergence’ to be cost effective for all business critical applications – no matter how small – because we provide precisely the right technology solutions customised to your growing communication needs.

Find out how to maximise bandwidth and keep all frequencies open, with our ConnectNOW service.

Small Business IT Support with Cloud Solutions

  • WeSeeNow will personalise a secure ‘hosted solution’ as the ultimate, cost-effective method for your business to maximise storage, access and collaboration.
  • Effective business performance is increasingly reliant on an expanding virtual capacity for big data, yet server space and expert management is increasingly an issue.
  • If your business needs to be able to quickly scale up resources, Cloud Computing may well be the solution that we can personalise for you.

Forget running scared of data control and run for Cloud cover instead, find out more.

Small Business IT Support Cyber Security & GDPR

  • Just because you are a small business it doesn’t mean you won’t be a target for hackers and you certainly are not exempt from data protection rules especially under the new GDPR.
  • The fact is that 7 out of 10 small businesses that have a major hack or data breach subsequently go out of business within a year.
  • On top of that, if personal data is stolen or accessed you could be fined 4% of turnover by the Information Commissioners Office a liability which is also a liability for directors even post insolvency.
  • This all sounds very scary but we can help you prepare to make sure you have all the boxes ticked to keep the wolves from the door.

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IT Support for Small Business

Our clients often say we are one of the best IT support for small businesses in London when it comes to looking after their small businesses. Most of them have been with us for many years and have grown with us since we started back in 1999.

WeSeeNow focuses on your small business IT support needs, as we believe every small business should benefit from the same quality IT systems and services that large organisations do. That’s why, at WeSeeNow, we work with you to tailor your systems and services and back this up with our dedicated small business London IT Support team, so can we meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Offering flexible, transparent and competitive IT support packages, for companies across London.

    What our awesome clients say

    WeSeeNow has provided us with excellent bespoke managed IT Support and telecom services for our London office since 2004.

    Nick Pavlou, MD