What people are looking for in an IT company

Organisations engage the services of an IT company for a number of reasons. IT is central to any modern business, whether it’s to manage customer relations or measure stock, or to host a website or manage communications. Increasingly, businesses use voice-over-IP (VoIP) services rather than regular landlines, so even telephone lines can go down when there is an IT or internet failure.

Keeping your IT systems running

Keeping things moving is vital to the ongoing running of your organisation, so having IT systems that run consistently is not something you can compromise on. This must be a priority, and it is the reason a lot of organisations will hire an IT company.

The risk of not having immediate support and advice when something goes wrong can be a stressful and costly error; having IT support set up already will ease any computer crisis.


Nobody wants to have a difficult IT situation and, when they call their IT company, find that they are not available. An IT service that is accessible 24/7 is needed for when a website suddenly crashes, phone lines go down or an attempted hacking takes place.

In this modern world, customers do not forgive a lack of availability easily and will quickly go to a rival company if a website is down. Having an IT company that gets straight to work is a priority for many of our customers.

Advice outside of a crisis

No IT company wants to wait until things go wrong before offering best-practice advice and, similarly, organisations need to take counsel from their IT company to ensure that they are using their systems to best manage their work.

Whether this is guidance on software or online services or information about VoIP or web hosting, a good IT company will listen to your needs and use their specialist knowledge to recommend the best options.

Advice about cloud storage and cyber security

Nobody can avoid the importance of keeping your IT systems and online presence secure. Whether this is password security or adequate anti-virus protection, a good IT company will guide you to the best solutions available. Schemes like CyberEssentials can be a great guide to put you on the right path for your online security and preparing for the GDPR law change next year is vital for any organisation.

This is why, if you want to explore backing up your data on the cloud or in a hybrid cloud / hard drive setup, doing so with support will set you up for a safer, more secure system.

Tailor-made solutions

Above all, organisations looking for an IT company want to hire somebody who takes the time to understand their needs. Every business is unique, so there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Software that is perfect for company A can be completely unworkable for company B, even if they work in a similar sector, so using a company that offers personalised solutions is vital.

Information on updating systems

Sometimes, companies use the same software, hosting and ISPs for years and years, without questioning whether new technologies are available that can do the same thing more effectively or affordably. Change can be difficult but, guided by an IT company, it can result in more efficient working and systems that are easier to manage in the long term.