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Fast internet, VOIP communication networks and mobile services are essential utilities for business, and form a core part of our integrated connectivity solutions.

Uninterrupted connectivity is a necessity. There’s a big difference between a:

Business grade fast internet connectivity is the gateway to all of your cloud services.  The benefits they provide are the solid and reliable platform from which to run business critical applications such as VOIP.  Fast Internet provides convergence capabilities, bandwidth flexibilities and adaptability that cannot be matched by standard internet services.  The cost savings are great too!

We ensure you receive the highest levels of quality and service as we partner directly with wholesale telecom providers.  Controlling our own billing allows us to offer you the most flexible and cost effective internet solutions.  We can then meet the most exacting requirements and provide the greatest ROI for clients.

All our fast internet and VOIP solutions are remotely monitored and managed, maintaining the highest standards. The 24/7/365 Proactive Monitoring supplies real-time analysis of the internet and voice services.  Alerts are enabled ensuring we can proactively resolve potential performance and connectivity issues, and therefore, avoid disruption to your business.

Voice and Data

In business it’s the quality of how you connect that is vital for image, speed and performance.

Fast Internet & Managed Connectivity

As advances in networking continue to provide tremendous benefit to business, they are increasingly challenged by sophisticated attacks designed to disrupt communications, degrade performance and compromise data. Ensuring the security of your computer systems is a key part of our responsibilities.

We provide several high speed business broadband solutions, providing guaranteed uptime and performance, while being completely managed by WeSeeNow to maintain a high quality of service.

Standard & Bonded Broadband Internet

Managed Bonded DSL works by bonding 2, 3 or 4 ADSL lines together, creating a single virtual broadband connection to the internet for your business.

It’s the ideal solution if you are looking for a cost effective way to increase your speed or are unable to benefit from other solutions such as Fast Internet Fibre Broadband.

Fast Internet (FTTC / FTTP) Fibre

Up to 8x faster than the average standard UK broadband speed.

Managed Fast Internet (Fibre Internet) uses technology known as ‘Fibre To The Cabinet’ (FTTC) or ‘Fibre To The Premise’ (FTTP) which connects telephone exchanges to street cabinets using fibre optic links. The faster network can then be used to deliver more bandwidth-hungry broadband services to businesses.

Managed EFM

A lower cost version of  Leased Line service.

Keep your costs down as you up your speeds. Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is a cost-effective way to advance to a high-capacity connection without committing to full Leased Line, delivering identical upload and download speeds to support VoIP and Hosted solutions.

Managed Leased Lines

Connects your business directly to the internet making it the quickest of the Fast Internet options. Being uncontended means you’re not sharing the connection with other businesses like with other connection types, massively increasing performance and reliability.

Phone Systems

With a wide range of business telephone systems, call recording, voicemail services and flexible payment options available, plus round-the-clock support, we’ve got you covered.

Hosted VoIP Business Phone System

Hosted VoIP provides a business-grade telephony solution with many additional benefits you don’t get with traditional PBX systems.  It replaces expensive phone systems, installation, handsets, lines and numbers with a simple, cost efficient alternative.

The solution is fully scalable and offers complete flexibility.  This means that the infrastructure will grow with your business and any changes you wish to implement are easily made through our online portal. VoIP offers economies of scale, complete flexibility, better remote working and hundreds of value-added features.

On-Premise IP PBX Telephone System

The limitations of office based equipment can be overcome by utilising SIP Trunking.  This enables businesses to experience the benefits of an application rich IP Telephony infrastructure. It also allows you to extend the life of your current equipment and increase the ROI.

SIP trunks connect to your PBX enabling voice calls to be made over the internet. The technology allows you to rapidly deploy and integrate new product functionality as and when it comes to market.

Calls & Lines

Our lines and calls packages are designed to give our customers great savings.  This is all combined with outstanding levels of service.

  • Standard Telephone, VoIP and SIP Trunk Lines
  • Memorable Numbers
  • Fax to Email and Email to Fax
  • Network Cabling & Electrical Cabling

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