Helping your online customers feel safe

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Helping your online customers feel safe Amidst a global pandemic and in a burgeoning economic crisis, people are feeling anxiety in all aspects of life. It is a situation that is driving consumers to the internet to purchase online. However, even here, your customer may be concerned that their details are not safe [...]

Online security when videoconferencing

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Online security when videoconferencing Right now, video conferencing is the new “office meeting room”. The word ‘Zoom’ has entered our vocabulary and everybody is getting the hang of video meetings for both social and professional purposes. There are all kinds of advantages to this but there are, however, also some security points to [...]

Everything you need to know about domain hijacking

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Everything you need to know about domain hijacking Every business owner knows the importance of a good domain and anyone who’s tried to find one will know just how hard it can be. Early-adopters have already grabbed many of the best domains, which means that they are now either in use or only [...]

Encouraging diversity in cybersecurity

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Encouraging diversity in cybersecurity There is a global shortage of cybersecurity professionals, while the volume and sophistication of cybercrimes are growing at an alarming rate. For both of these reasons, governments and the industry are working to raise the profile of the cybersecurity sector and to encourage people, especially young people to see [...]

Recovering your Website after Being Hacked

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Recovering your Website after Being Hacked Every business should be doing everything it reasonably can to prevent its website from being hacked. But you also need to have at least a basic plan in place for what you are going to do if the worst does happen. Here are some tips to start [...]

SIM-jacking: what you need to know

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SIM-jacking: what you need to know Sim-jacking has been around for a while now but it reached a new level of public prominence when it claimed Jack Dorsey (the founder and CEO of Twitter) as a victim. The perpetrators took over Dorsey’s own Twitter account and, while the result was probably very embarrassing for [...]