About WeSeeNow

But we like to think it’s more about you and your business.

From the Beginning

WeSeeNow was founded in 1999, IT Support consultants with the desire to combine our knowledge and instinctive understanding of IT technology with a passion for serving the small business, charity and not-for-profit communities. By continually striving to create a pro active approach across all disciplines, the increased demand for our IT support services and equipment sales saw our expansion in 2005 to larger premises with a growing workforce of dedicated support engineers.

In 2010, business growth had doubled in just 12 months as the company began offering the latest Fast Internet & VOIP technology services. By 2013, we had launched an array of new and enhanced Cloud Computing products and services integrated with support and IT contracts, paving the way in the same year for brand transformation to “We See Now” (WeSeeNow). We continue to work hard to ensure that our vision of a “forward thinking IT”, responsive and up to the minute superior IT service is in place for a client’s evolving business needs.

To Looking Forward and Thinking Ahead

WeSeeNow is all about seeing and understanding you and your business or charity today, what it can do tomorrow and in the future.  Staying competitive in an online world of constant change and rapidly evolving technology demands that you must keep looking forward and thinking ahead to drive performance and sustain essential growth. We anticipate the critical technological innovations of instant communication, information sharing and storage your business will need to stay agile and ahead of the curve.

Hardware is nothing without the human touch

WeSeeNow (“We See Now”) knows that it’s not all about the technology alone – working closely with you is vital to maintaining that all important human touch too. Our friendly, people-focused, customer service brings passion, knowledge and experience to your business IT development. WeSeeNow is dedicated to looking after and taking care of your unique technology and IT service needs, guaranteeing the most advanced, smart solutions every time. From Micro and Small businesses to larger scale organisations, our versatile range of modular, fixed price and specialist management support ensures our proactive finger on the pulse approach means “we see now” before an issue can arise.

From Computer Connectivity and Communication –

Our up to speed awareness of market knowledge and future trends are aimed to bring you technology solutions best suited to streamline all levels of your organisation’s growing communication needs, so your business is always connected at a peak level of uninterrupted, multi communication efficiency. From single to distributed remote office locations, innovation in fully featured communication systems ensure seamless, transparent and secured connectivity, customised to meet your specific business needs.

– To Collaboration in the Cloud

Access, storage and sharing of information is vital too, especially as instant online collaboration continues to develop. As your requirement for virtual capacity expands, our insight into cloud solution innovation and the crucial areas of security and protection will help your business with controlling data growth. By working closely with you our specialist people-friendly team will help to anticipate your evolving needs and specify the most efficient, secure options for living in a private, public or hybrid cloud.

Our Mission

Keeping IT Simple & Secure

Our Vision

Delivering innovative technological solutions, secured by the finest service & support.

Your IT Management Team

Warren Breen

Managing Director